Welcome to Dalton Financial Group

Dalton Financial Group is an Australian based Accountancy firm, specialising in bookkeeping, accounting & taxation and consulting services ranging from individuals to small and medium sized businesses. We are your Business Partners ready to deliver your financial needs. We are small business specialists and ensure a personalised approach to helping your business achieve its objectives.

Our Vision

Our Vision is “To partner with your business and be the preferred provider in the Finance and Consulting industry, and reliable partners of customers, employees and the community”.

Our Mission

Our mission is “To help Australian business owners in understanding their business and finances in a language they understand”.

Why Dalton Financial Group?

  • Convenience to lodge from home
  • We use deduction finder software to maximise your tax refund
  • Pay fees from your tax refund
  • Registered Tax Agent with TPB (Tax Practitioners Board)
  • We use fully secure & ATO approved software
  • Tax refund in less than 10 working days

About Us

Dalton Financial Group is an Australian based company and was founded in 2010 by an astute professional person. Recognising the need for clear, concise, understandable financial information, we started our own company with a mission to provide small businesses & individuals their need of understanding financial information in their own language. We specialise in small to medium sized businesses and cater for all their common needs.


What we offer

We provide administrative functions as directed from time to time including communication. Company billings and collections, financial record keeping, money management, one to one consultation, strategic budgeting & planning.



We also provide templates that can be tailored to your needs. A professionally formatted document template for any business activity that your business requires. Also, below are some samples templates that we also offer:


Our Customer Stories